1. No student shall remain absent from school without obtaining prior sanction of leave. The parents should send the leave application duly signed and addressed to the principal, giving valid reason for the child's absence, so as to reach the class teacher in advance. The child's absence, so as to reach the class teacher in advance.
2. If a student fails to come to school on a particular day due to sudden illness or urgent and unforeseen needs, the parent should inform the class teacher of this, that day itself. In such cases, the leave application should be sent the next day, failing which the student will not be allowed to attend the class.
3. If the leave is on medical grounds for a period exceeding two days, a Medical Certificate should-be enclosed within two-three days and the receipt of the same must be collected from the office.
4. If a student absents from school without prior sanction of leave, fine of Rs.5/- per day will be payable as absentee 'fine.
5. If a student will be absent from school without intimation/ permission for more than 21 days, his/her name will be struck off the rolls. Re-admission, if granted, shall be done on payment of fine for the days of absence and the re-admission fee.
6. Application for withdrawal must be submitted at least one month in advance.
7. The transfer certificate will be issued only after al dues have been cleared.